Is Your Cat an Adventure Cat?

Over the past century cats, much like humans, have transitioned to live a mainly indoor existence in many countries and, just like humans, when cats are provided with a nurturing environment and stimulating play they live long and healthy lives. However the wide range of cat harnesses and accessories now available for cats have made controlled outdoor activities a possibility for many would be adventurers, but is this the right choice for you and your cat?

On Instagram you can find some truly wonderful kitty/hooman adventuring going on. If you follow @whiskered_away perhaps the beautiful images Emily Grant posts of her cat Eevee have made you dream of similar moments with your cat. Or maybe the nomadic lifestyle of Rich and Willow from @vancatmeow have you considering leaving your office job to hit the open road and create a buddy style road trip all of your own. For kitty/human adventurers this is heaven, but is your cat an adventure cat who craves outdoor exploring?

Land of Meow_Van cat meow

I love the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean that I want to be dropped in the middle of nowhere and have to survive Bear Grylls style in the wilderness or even just live out of a travelling van. A nice cosy camp fire to roast some marshmallows over whilst drinking my favourite beer or wine is my perfect ‘outdoor moment’ and knowing that a comfy bed and warm shower are not far away is also very important to me. So much like humans not every cat is a born Adventure Cat, ready and eager to explore the big wide world, and it might be that ‘Adventure-lite’ is a more suitable option for you and your kitty. For these cats a weekend away at a beach house, or cottage in the woods, where you can take them on walks that suit their temperament is enough to fulfil their need to be outside, and with a little effort you can create a home away from home space for them that provides the safe environment they need to come back to.

For Adventure-lite travelling here are a few tips to help you make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Bring a bed or carrier that your cat is used to and will feel safe in. Soft materials are best as it gives your cat the ability to mark the bed/carrier with their scent glands which is more likely to keep them calm when travelling.

If you plan on taking your kitty out for a walk get them used to the harness inside the house first and start with small walks at your cat’s pace to get them used to the idea.

And if your kitty’s need for exploring is likely to be satisfied by simply exploring the inside of your weekend house hiding toys that dispense treats can be a great way to satisfy their need for hunting and exploring at the same time.

Land of Meow_SleepyPod Mini Cat Carrier Characteristics

Land of Meow Millie

A life shared with your pet is both rich and rewarding. Whether you are going to scale mountains together like Pete and his cat Millie @pechanga or share a patch of sunlight while reading a book and drinking tea, it’s the bond you form that’s the most important thing.