World Tuna Day

Land of Meow Magisso Cat Bowls

Approximately 7 million tonnes of tuna and tuna-like fish are landed yearly and account for 20% of the annual marine fish capture. Tuna is a significant source of food with amazing qualities, but overfishing places a heavy burden on the environment. World Tuna Day aims to recognise the critical role of tuna in sustainable development and food security as well as Ocean health.

You can make a huge difference by selecting sustainable cat food from a brand that values the health and future of both you and your pet. By finding ways to reduce your cat’s carbon pawprint you are ensuring a brighter future for both of you.

Be critical of marketing texts that include words such as 'natural', which may sound appealing but can be misleading, and take the time to assess the packaging to ensure that what you buy is truly 'organic' or ‘processed chemically free’ with a certification to support the claim.

It’s not always easy in today’s world to find truly sustainable cat food, or to be able to afford it, but even small changes in your cats’ diet (Tuna free Tuesdays anyone?)  can make a difference and ensure future cats, kittens and humans a rich and healthy food supply.

For a fish dinner that won’t affect the ocean check out Magisso’s stylish range of ceramic cat food bowls with a moulded fish or heart centre and matching water dishes. Now in stock at Land of Meow.

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