Have You Seen The Werewolf Cat?

Land of Meow - Werewolf cat

Around 2010 a mutation in domestic short-haired cats brought a new type of hairless kitten into the world.

Despite initial fears that these unusual looking kittens were ill or would somehow be more prone to diseases the new kittens were determined to be the result of recessive genes and remarkably healthy.

The Lykoi is not a man made, designer breed, but is a natural mutation that randomly occurs in the feral population.

It was given the name Lykoi which means “wolf cat” in Greek and one look at their pictures and you can understand why.

The Lykoi was established as a breed in 2011 and breeders have fallen in love with this new kid on the block and, favouring the black coat, many have chosen to crossbreed the Lykoi with domestic black cats to preserve their appearance and help prevent inbreeding and subsequent health problems.

This is a fun loving, intelligent breed who loves to interact with humans, other cats, and even dogs. They are a medium built cat, with slightly slender legs and muscular body. One of their most striking features is their facial "mask" with its mingling of individual black and white hairs which along with a sparse but soft topcoat (Lykoi always lack an undercoat) combine to create the distinctive werewolf look.

Land of Meow - Werewolf cat sitting

Lykoi are derivatives of feral cats and as such they have retained their strong desire to chase and catch prey. They love stalking their cat toys, other pets and people.

Whilst careful breeding has ensured that “friendly personalities” are maintained, with the life of the feral cat only a few generations behind them many of the fascinating and intelligent traits that assist feral cats in the wild to survive still remain.

Since the Lykoi lacks a substantial undercoat for weather protection, it is to be considered a strictly indoor only cat. Hypothermia, as well as sunburn can occur if exposed to outdoor weather conditions. Lykoi do require some maintenance such as occasional bathing to remove excess oil from the skin and ears.

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