Perfect Indoor Plants You and Your Cat Will Love

As pet owners we understand that our homes are a shared space between humans and cats. Except of course for warm spots in the sun, they all belong to the cat, and every year around this time I bring new plants into my house to freshen it up. There is something about the change in seasons that brings out my inner decorator and sees me standing in a nursery looking at a range of lush foliage only to leave empty handed when I’ve become overwhelmed with trying to decide what sort of plant is the ‘right’ plant because, like many pet owners, I know that there are a large number that are toxic to our fur children but I can never remember the entire list. There are also no ‘toxic to pets’ labelling guides to help me which, if any garden nurseries are out there listening ‘please think about adding these’.

This year I decided to do some google research and compile a list of cat friendly plants so I know exactly what sort of options I can confidently choose and thought I would share with you my top picks.

Land of Meow Boston Fern
The Boston Fern

Not only are ferns perfect for removing airborne toxins and formaldehyde from the air cats love them. Just make sure you get a Boston Fern as some varieties of fern are toxic.

Also consider creating a space near or under this plant for your cat so that they can also enjoy its health benefits.


Valerian is a medicinal herb. Not only is it safe but most cats love them so much they will spend hours rubbing, sniffing, and eating this plant which has great health benefits. Again creating a space for your cat near this plant with a soft an alluring rug will keep the plant from becoming the bed - Lana Cat Rugs

Land of Meow Valerian

Fiddle Leaf

With beautiful, wide, heart-shaped leaves, this upright leafy tree creates a stunning backdrop of luxurious fresh foliage in your home.

This plant creates another beautiful space for your cat to enjoy the ‘lure of the jungle’ with a cosy bed for your mini tiger creating a perfect haven for them - Nido Cat Bed

To keep the plant in its best health and appearance, get some tips from your local nursery.

Land of Meow Fiddle Leaf

Land of Meow Zebra Cactus

Credit: The Spartan Shop

Zebra Cactus

This striking succulent is also known as a Zebra Haworthia. The thick and patterned leaves with Zebra like stripes are perfect for containers and can also surprise with small tubular white or pink flowers growing from an inflorescence (thin kind of stem) when grown in the right position.


This plant looks similar to aloe, which is toxic to both dogs and cats so take the time to check the variety before purchasing.


I’ve included this plant because even though it can be toxic most cats are disinterested in eating its leaves. I have this plant myself and Wilson has never shown any interest in eating it. This is due to cats preferring to eat leaves that are stringy and crunchy and the leaves of the Monstera are only of interest to them when they are looking for a jungle to hide in before pouncing on you when you walk past. So it’s included as safe due to lack of interest.

Land of Meow Monstera

Always take into account the personality of your cat before buying any plants.

While all of these houseplants should be safe for your kitty, it’s still wise to ensure your pets don’t eat them. If your cat makes it a habit to consume any of these plants in high quantity, consider placing them out of reach or finding other forms of deterrent. Too much of anything can cause small tummies to become upset. If your cat does eats plants on a regular basis you might want to consider a visit to the vet to determine if they have an underlying gastrointestinal disease or other issue that needs attention and if at any time you feel that your cat may have ingested a toxic substance please visit the Pet Poison Helpline for advice on what to do.