Do You Look Like Your Cat?

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Do you think that people look like their pets? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. Professor Richard Wiseman, a psychologist of the University of Hertfordshire, believes that pets and their owners are just like married couples who become more alike over time.

In a study involving more than 2,500 people, Prof. Wiseman has found that many dog lovers, cat owners and even reptile keepers said they have come to share many of the same traits with their pets. Levels of happiness, intelligence, independence and even their sense of humour is reflected to them through their pets. He discovered that the longer an animal had been with their owner, the more likely they were to have picked up their human’s characteristics. 

When researchers investigated cats' preferences for food, toys and social interaction with people, most of the cats sought human attention over everything else — even food. In other words, cats like us! They really like us! And like any other animal in a social dyad, our pets’ behaviour and looks start to mirror our own as part of bonding with us. Most cat owners rightly believe that their relationship with their cat is unique. This is of course true for any long-term dyadic relationship, be it human-human or human-animal.

Almost half of the respondents to Prof. Wiseman's survey were cat owners, with pet owners who had owned their pet for seven years or more rating their pet’s personality as highly similar to their own. "Similarity promotes liking in humans”. Research has shown couples that are similar each other stay together longer, and this appears to extend to the animal kingdom. Animals also grow to look like their owners and to have similar personalities. In human-pet dyads we are seeing a similar effect.

So next time you look at your cat take a moment to notice how alike you have both become, and maybe take a few selfies of you both pulling the same poses to share with the internet!

Land of Meow - Owner and Cat Look alike

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